9 Ball
Mixed Scotch Doubles
League starts week of March 15, 2011

Team is one guy and one gal. Play is Scotch double rotation.
One match per week. race to 6.
In house Leagues or Bar Leagues.

Play offs scheduled for August 19th, 20th, and 21st
Play offs will be held at Diamond Billiards, in Reno
League play will be for 22 weeks.
Sponsor fee is $25.00 per team.
Match fees $9.00 per person, per week.
TabIe time to be split between teams

Must play for 22 weeks league play to qualify.
Sign up fee of $10.00 per person.
Must be 21 years of age.

For more information contact:
Rudy 805-680-2486


Scotch Doubles Pool Players Association 8 Ball League,
Mixed Scotch Doubles League
Starts Sept. 21st, 2010

League plays for 22 weeks, 2 couples per team.
One guy and one girl is a couple.
Scotch Doubles rotation.

One Match per week.
At the end of 22 weeks the SDPPA play offs are held at the
Sands Regency in Reno Nevada Feb. 25th, 26th, & 27th 2011.
SDPPA sign up fee $10.00 per player per season
Must be 21 years of age.
Match fees are $6.00 per week, per player.
Sponsor fee is $50.00 per team.
Table time is to be split between teams.

For more information, Contact:
Rudy 805-680-2486